Postproduktion 'ALICE'

Written, directed and produced feature-length, black comedy, 'ALICE'.

Cast: Johan Rabaeus(Evil, Faithless, Heartbreak Hotel) Thomas Hedengran(Jägarna), Hanna Ullerstam(Monica Z, Call Girl), Ida Gyllensten(Sommaren Med Göran, Demonen), Sara Lewerth(Hundtricket, Suspension of Disbelief), Sara Edberg(Leo), Jean - Paul (Beck, Wallander, Snabba Cash II, Solsidan), Annica Lilebladh (Jordskott) and Henrik Norman(Hotet), amongst others.

Production 2015 -2016

Produced by Andreas Grant Produktion/Fabric Productions



TV & filmproduction, event, press, recruitment, casting. If you, wish to stand out, be innovative, make an impact and see a result in the press and create an event or TV - show that becomes a bit of a talking point, you're more than welcome to get in touch, and we'll see what we can do



“Few are the TV-hosts who, at some point in their lives, gets to experience one of their co-workers heading out into the nightlife, only to return the next day to inform you; In the show on Friday, Tommy Körberg(Chess) and Anders Ekborg(Kristina från Duvemåla) will sing Barbara Streisand, in fake noses and blond wigs. They promised me that last night’. It happened to me though, since in the early 00’s, I worked with Andreas Grant”

 /Annika Lantz

"Working with Andreas was like having someone twist the hemorrhoids of your soul - beautiful! He is either crazy or a visionary - maybe a bit of both"

/Aron Flam, Stand - Up Comedian

 "I love working with Andreas. He has bucket loads of energy and attitude, and always thinks out of the box. And underneath that extravagant surface lies a guy who likes to work hard and who always delivers. If you want a 'yea - sayer', then Andreas is not for you. If you, on the other hand, are looking for a furiously devoted nutter, who will do anything for your project, including questioning it all, then he is your man'

/Mikael Bohman, Communications Advisor